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Speed Trainer

Speed Trainer, this Italian slip-on trainer really is something different. The knitted sock upper of the shoe will keep you feeling snug and cosy around the ankles, and the memory foam underneath your feet provides all the supportive cushioning you need.
The smooth minimalist lines and color palette are a real fashion statement, featuring the white Balenciaga logo against the midnight black sock above those unadorned lines of the rubber sole. Italy is known for its high fashion, and the Speed Trainer is a worthy export with plenty of rave reviews to its name.
Our replica Speed Trainer contains the newest knitting technique in the whole industry. There is nothing but a logo decorate the surface, simple but elegant. As same as those expensive version, Kickswho’s knockoff Speed Trainer was inserted a memory system into its geometric style tread, making it fits the arch perfectly. And combing with weaving surface and light weight, cheap knockoff Speed Trainer truly gives you a ‘only-sock’ sense.

Scroll down and check our collection of replica Speed Trainer. Wholesale Speed Trainer is also available.

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  • $126.00

    Kickwho Balenciaga Speed Clear Sole Black Red

  • $126.00

    Kickwho Balenciaga Speed Trainer ‘Black’Godkiller 540818 W1K60 1000

  • $136.00

    Kickwho Balenciaga Speed Trainer ‘Clear Sole – White’

  • $136.00


  • $126.98

    Kickwho Balenciaga Wmns Speed 2.0 Sneaker ‘Black’

  • $126.00

    Kickwho Balenciaga Wmns Speed 2.0 Sneaker ‘Pink’

  • $126.00

    Kickwho Balenciaga Wmns Speed 2.0 Sneaker ‘Red’

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